The importance of a Cover Letter

A well written Cover Letter is an excellent opportunity to provide an insight into your work ethic, your strengths, your personality, availability and suitability for either a job specific application or a general expression of interest.

Thistle CV Writing assist many of our customers with getting their “foot in the door” by constructing a professionally written Cover Letter providing the essential information that will interest a potential employer to peruse their CV or Resume further.

We write three types of Cover Letters:

  1. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: An “Expression of Interest” is a general Cover Letter which you can use to send to any employer
  2. JOB SPECIFIC: A “Job Specific” Cover Letter is similar to the expression of interest however it is applying for a specific job title and there is no selection criteria
  3. SELECTION CRITERIA: A “Selection Criteria” Cover Letter is quite detailed. On the job application some employers ask you to include in your cover letter the criteria and how you have completed each of them in your past employment history